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Change your perspective, Change your experience

Change your perspective

Something that I am becoming more and more aware of as I grow as a coach is that even though clients often come to coaching to solve a problem, their experience of the problem is more about their perception of the problem than the actual problem.

We don't control everything that happens to us and we can't always change our situation or circumstance. The event, person, situation or problem just "is". It is neither good nor bad in and of itself. We attach meaning to what "is" and judge it as good or bad, positive or negative based on how we are looking at it. This thought about it then leads us to feel a certain way: confident, fearful, happy, sad etc., which in turn affects the quality of our experience.

The powerful message here is that for many of our day to day challenges, we can change a negative experience to a positive experience without changing anything about it other than our point of view. How else can you see it? What else could it mean? What else is possible here?

Instead of an example or story, here is a fun video that illustrates this concept through art. Enjoy!

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