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Meet Vidya

Vidya Guhan, M.S., CCC-SLP, ACCG, PCC, MCAC
Master Certified ADHD Coach
My passion is to help adults with ADHD develop executive function skills and become self empowered to achieve their personal and professional goals, while nurturing deep self compassion. 

About Me

I am highly passionate about my work, and am deeply present with my clients.  

I meet my clients where they are,  while holding the space and vision

for them to express themselves fully and authentically.

Who I am 


I love to learn.  I am very good at taking what I learn in different contexts, and bringing it across to others in easy to understand ways.  


I value kindness, in the form of non-judgement, in the form of acceptance and in the form of gentleness with ourselves and others.  


I thrive on strong relationships, connections, and community.  I believe this is an important part of what I have to offer.

One of my greatest joys is witnessing the transformation in the incredible people I work with, as they move from struggle and chaos to ease and control.

What I bring to the coaching partnership

Expertise and in-depth understanding of executive function skills, especially in people with ADHD.  

Proficiency in synthesizing and communicating the research and information out there on the ADHD brain wiring into easy- to-understand and relate-to models, analogies and concepts. This helps clients understand how they are wired, how their ADHD shows up for them, and how to work with their brain wiring instead of against it.  

An open heart and open mind - meeting clients where they are, while holding the space and vision for them to express themselves fully and authentically. This allows them to connect with their natural compassion and helps to normalize and de-stigmatize their experience with ADHD. 


Experience to help clients navigate and move away from false narratives about their perceived incompetence and inadequacy.   This allows them to be self empowered to find adhd strategies and solutions that work best for them.   

Training and Experience

I have over 16 years of experience working as a

Professional ADHD Coach, Educational Consultant and Speech Language Pathologist. 

I am a Master Certified ADHD Coach, which is the highest credentialing level an ADHD coach can earn with the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC). I am also a Professional Certified Life Coach with the International Coach Federation, an ADD Coach Academy Certified Coach Graduate and a licensed Speech Language Pathologist.  In addition, I have been mentored by several pioneers in the field of ADHD Coaching, including Jay Perry, Barbara Luther, Dana Maher and Jeff Copper. 


I invest heavily in my own education, coaching and the rigorous vetting that credentialing requires because I believe strongly  in continuously learning, improving and developing myself, my ideas and my practice to better serve my clients. 

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