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Comprehensive ADHD Program

 A balance of ADHD activities, education, coaching, designed to help you move from struggle to strength in a compassionate peer-supported environment. 
New groups start quarterly
Small groups - limit 8 spots​​

Consultation required for enrollment


It was the first time I was in a room full of people who got me and didn't judge me for anything.  It allowed me to feel safe to figure out what works for me and to do things my way, rather than how they are "supposed" to be done.  And being given the knowledge and tools to do this was invaluable!

What it is.

A compassionate small ADHD group coaching program

  • ​Designed for adults with ADHD

  • Especially if you are recently diagnosed with ADHD

  • Allows for individual attention & group support

A comprehensive program that includes​


A 6 month program that allows you to

  • Make real change

  • Develop consistency over time

  • Create sustainable ADHD strategies and systems

The other wonderful thing was the sharing and vulnerability that came up from my fellow group members. So many people struggle with ADHD. I knew I wasn’t alone, and experiencing other people’s struggles and successes helped me tremendously.

Why it works!

It helps to foster self-compassion

  • Group members "get you" and can relate to your experiences

  • They do not judge you for your struggles or the way you do things

  • It empowers you to explore freely and find your own unique way!


It provides you with support and connection

  • Other people are on the journey with you

  • They help normalize your experience and feel validated

  • There is greater acceptance of your strengths and challenges

  • You are not alone!

It gives you the optimal structure you need to succeed 

  • Clear agenda on what to focus on within sessions and from week to week

  • Accountability partners and body doubling sessions

  • Support to help you engage with and get the most out of your coaching!

This program is my heart's work.  It came out of learning what my clients need to be successful and get the most out of their coaching experience.  Every detail and drumbeat of this program has been well thought out.  We continue to learn from our clients' feedback and to improve on it every time we engage with the coaching --Vidya

Is it for you?

The Core Program is for you if...

  • You are an adult with ADHD, especially if you are relatively recently diagnosed

  • You want to understand how your ADHD brain wiring works

  • You want ADHD strategies and systems that will help you be self empowered

  • You want support and connection that will help you be more self compassionate

  • You are ready and able to engage in a 6 month ADHD program at this time

Valerie Vozza, Dec 2022


I really can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Vidya and Calm Seas ADHD Coaching. I never had the realization that my brain was different until recently. It explains so much about my life choices, and the conflicts that arose (and still arise) because of those choices.

Although the group is a 6 month commitment, the time really flew by! I learned so much from my group mates. It was reassuring to say the least that many of us are walking around with ADHD and finding a way to cope.

The tools that Vidya supplied are fun, awakening, and will stay with me for the rest of my days. SO much information!!!! I was worried at first with absorbing it all, but Vidya’s compassionate and loving nature was the assurance we all needed to relax into the concepts.  Again, I highly recommend Vidya and Calm Seas!

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