ADHD Core Program

Understand the ADHD brain, uncover your unique strengths, and unlock strategies for lifelong success.

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A compassionate coaching group

for adults with ADHD. 


New groups starting in October!


Small groups - limit 8 spots

Consultation required for enrollment

What is the Core Program?

What is the Core Program?

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It is a small group coaching program

  • ​Designed for adults with ADHD

  • Especially if  you are recently diagnosed

  • Allows for individual attention & group support

It is a comprehensive program that includes

  • Education on executive function skills & ADHD

  • Strategies for self empowerment

  • Exploration of strengths & successes

  • Reframing of limiting beliefs & thinking traps

It is a 6 month program that allows you to

  • Make real change

  • Develop consistency over time

  • Create sustainable strategies and systems

Why the Core Program?

Why the Core Program?

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It helps to foster self-compassion because

  • Group members "get you" and can relate to your experiences

  • They do not judge you for your struggles or the way you do things

  • It empowers you to explore freely and find your own unique way!


It provides you with support and connection because

  • Other people are on the journey with you

  • They help normalize your experience and feel validated

  • There is greater acceptance of your strengths and challenges

  • You are not alone!

It gives you the optimal structure you need to succeed 

  • Clear agenda on what to focus on within sessions and from week to week

  • Check - in prompts between sessions

  • Accountability partners and body doubling sessions

  • Support to help you engage with and get the most out of your coaching!