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adhd support

ADHD Group Coaching Program

 A balance of ADHD activities, education & coaching, designed to help you move from struggle to strength in a compassionate peer-supported environment. 
New groups start quarterly
Small groups - limit 8 spots​​

Free consultation required for enrollment

Gail Stone, February 2024


I completed a six month group coaching program with Vidya Guhan in 2023 and it has been transformative. I had been recently diagnosed with ADHD in my '60s, and the diagnosis explained so many of my challenges and frustrations. I asked my medical provider, "What now?" and she recommended Calm Seas. Vidya's program is deeply researched and has 16+ years of development. Her approach is straightforward, compassionate, and practical. She offers an array of self-assessments and tools that are specific, easy to use, and have helped me in so many ways. Our small group was quite diverse, in age, gender, our family situations, where we are in our careers and in the world. Vidya made the small group a welcoming, safe environment where we could be curious and open with each other, and I learned so much from the vastly different perspectives and experiences of my fellow group members and Vidya's coaching of each of us.

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What it is.

A compassionate small ADHD group coaching program

  • ​Designed for adults with ADHD

  • Especially if you are recently diagnosed with ADHD

  • Allows for individual attention & group support

A comprehensive program that includes​


A 6 month program that allows you to

  • Make real change

  • Develop consistency over time

  • Create sustainable ADHD strategies and systems

Why it works!

It helps to foster self-compassion

  • Group members "get you" and can relate to your experiences

  • They do not judge you for your struggles or the way you do things

  • It empowers you to explore freely and find your own unique way!


It provides you with support and connection

  • Other people are on the journey with you

  • They help normalize your experience and feel validated

  • There is greater acceptance of your strengths and challenges

  • You are not alone!

It gives you the optimal structure you need to succeed 

  • Clear agenda on what to focus on within sessions and from week to week

  • Accountability partners

  • Support to help you engage with and get the most out of your coaching!

A note from Vidya

This program is my heart's work.  It came out of learning what my clients need to be successful and get the most out of their coaching experience.  Every detail and drumbeat of this program has been well thought out.  I continue to learn from my clients' feedback and to improve on it every time I engage with the coaching.  Let's chat further to see if my approach is a good fit for your needs at this time!


Is it for you?

The Core Program is for you if...

  • You are an adult with ADHD, especially if you are relatively recently diagnosed

  • You want to understand how your ADHD brain wiring works

  • You want ADHD strategies and systems that will help you be self empowered

  • You want support and connection that will help you be more self compassionate

  • You are ready and able to engage in a 6 month ADHD program at this time

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