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expert adhd coaching reviews

In their own words

Beyond the labels, ADHD struggles are real.  ADHD Coaching can help.

Vidya is the best — she helped me understand my brain in a totally new way.

She deeply understands the struggles ADHD-ers face, and you can tell she's seen everything. She generates really specific strategies to manage your unique symptoms, whatever those might be, from RSD to procrastination to time blindness -- it's all very bespoke to your brain. I could not have asked for a better coach and will use the tools she’s given me for the rest of my life. She always comes off as calm, collected, and completely invested in your growth and well being. I can’t recommend her enough.

Also, she works over Zoom, so you can meet up with her in any time zone, which is great. I’m on the East Coast and found it super easy to find time with her. A good ADHD coach is rare so I am glad we can all work with Vidya, no matter where we’re based!

- Lindsay Bayer Ray, February 2024


I completed a six month group coaching program with Vidya Guhan in 2023 and it has been transformative. I had been recently diagnosed with ADHD in my '60s, and the diagnosis explained so many of my challenges and frustrations. I asked my medical provider, "What now?" and she recommended Calm Seas. Vidya's program is deeply researched and has 16+ years of development. Her approach is straightforward, compassionate, and practical. She offers an array of self-assessments and tools that are specific, easy to use, and have helped me in so many ways. Our small group was quite diverse, in age, gender, our family situations, where we are in our careers and in the world. Vidya made the small group a welcoming, safe environment where we could be curious and open with each other, and I learned so much from the vastly different perspectives and experiences of my fellow group members and Vidya's coaching of each of us.

- Gail Stone, February 2024

I cannot speak highly enough of Vidya. She has a warm, welcoming, and encouraging energy that makes you feel comfortable both sharing your struggles and celebrating your wins. I took part in her small group coaching, and I am so glad I did. Vidya offers excellent insights, lessons, tools, and strategies that have helped me immensely in working WITH my ADHD brain instead of against it. Her practical, actionable advice is clear and helpful, and she has mastered the balance of being supportive while still holding you accountable to the goals you set. Thanks to working with Vidya, my self-talk, emotional regulation, schedule setting, task initiation and task completion have all improved. Of course there is no cure-all for ADHD, but working with Vidya was immensely helpful and I would recommend her coaching to anyone grappling with the ways ADHD creates obstacles in both your professional and personal life.

- Jessica Lederman, October 2023


My work with Vidya was simply invaluable. As a nonprofit executive and social entrepreneur, I have always struggled with certain aspects of my work and managing my home life, while sparkling in other areas. Shortly after my ADHD diagnosis a year ago, I found Vidya. I worked with her intensively for about 8 months, both 1:1 and as a member of one of her groups. Often I would come to a session confused or frustrated with a particular arena of ongoing stress. Vidya would coach me through a particular framework or tool that often proved nothing short of transformative for me, just from that one short session. Today, previously troubling areas have retreated to the background, while I’ve found hacks to improve my performance in tricky spots, letting my strengths shine through. I am far happier at work, and much better able to handle the demands of daily life. But mostly, I am a far happier person, moving through life with a lot more ease, working with rather than against my own brain wiring. I now see ADHD as a true gift, one I have learned to harness, bringing me a spark I wouldn’t trade for the world.

- Lisa Shannon, October 2023


As an update: I’ve gone from anxious “what if I can’t do this” manager to being an extremely effective manager that others come to for advice because I’m good at getting things done. It’s not all perfect (last week I had a task I did not want to do so I had to come up with ways to make it novel and then reward myself) but my ability to deal with it all is drastically improved.


Another cool thing is that I’ve lost over 25 pounds and am no longer pre-diabetic; rather than try to build an eating system that would get boring, I found a way to turn my blood sugar into a game. I don’t think that would have been possible without your course. My health turned around a lot because of it! I’ve found ways to do things that work WITH my brain instead of against.


I also am now a performing drummer, I’m not great but I’ve started to accept that there are aspects of drumming I’m good at and not. I’m not good at memorizing, but I’m very good at making things up so I’m learning to trust myself more and just let myself make things up. I have so much more confidence, and I have so much more fun! 

- Kelli Zielinski, February 2023

I originally sought out 1:1 ADHD coaching to get support transitioning into a new job. Vidya's coaching was extremely helpful and with her help I developed a plan conducive to my neuro-preferences and strengths. I've worked with other executive coaches but working with someone who understands my ADHD brain has been a game-changer. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago and wish I sought out specialized coaching sooner!


I've also joined her small group program to build everyday skills and strategies for my professional and personal life. The structured approach focuses on different topics each week making it consumable and it's wonderful to have additional support in a small group forum.


I was impacted by the recent tech lay-offs and am particularly grateful to have this coaching right now. It's helping me stay organized with my job hunt and helping me practice self-compassion during a stressful time.

- Client, March 2023

My experience with Vidya and the Calm Seas Coaching team is reflective of my participation in a six-week Executive Functioning Webinar and a four-month Group Coaching Program.


Both experiences were affirming, supportive, and extremely helpful in not only understanding how to work through the challenges that accompany an ADHD diagnosis but also in normalizing the experience of being a neurodiverse adult. While medication and therapy are useful in managing ADHD, having a direct resource who helps untangle a complex tapestry of emotions, stored frustrations, and dysfunction has proven invaluable.


I would highly recommend Vidya's services to anyone looking for compassionate support in self-management. So much gratitude to Vidya and the Calm Seas Coaching team for being an incredible resource!

- Campbell Davis, July 2022

I really can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Vidya and Calm Seas ADHD Coaching. I never had the realization that my brain was different until recently. It explains so much about my life choices, and the conflicts that arose (and still arise) because of those choices.

Although the group is a 6 month commitment, the time really flew by! I learned so much from my group mates. It was reassuring to say the least that many of us are walking around with ADHD and finding a way to cope.

The tools that Vidya supplied are fun, awakening, and will stay with me for the rest of my days. SO much information!!!! I was worried at first with absorbing it all, but Vidya’s compassionate and loving nature was the assurance we all needed to relax into the concepts.

Again, I highly recommend Vidya and Calm Seas!

- Valerie Vozza, December 2022

I want to thank Vidya from Calm Seas Coaching for her support and partnership with me as I addressed ADHD behaviors to make improvements in my life.  

I can’t say enough about Vidya’s knowledge of ADHD or her consultative approach to guiding her clients. My ADHD was diagnosed later in life (Late 40’s) and I was eager to learn more about ADHD plus any tools that I can leverage to help me be more impactful in life. Vidya took time to educate me on the ADHD nervous system and then worked with me to address areas of my life to improve.


In a short time, my wife and saw improvements in my ability to self-regulate in the areas of focus.

Vidya’s approach made it easy to engage and I was able to share my challenges with her quickly.  She worked with me to identify areas of my life to focus on. We worked together first to understand what my brain was doing in these areas, then, we reviewed recommendations to work differently. Vidya customized I learned best from visuals and built many visuals to help me understand the concepts she was sharing.

In closing, life is difficult enough and having ADHD can add to the challenges.  I can only say that I’m so thankful to Vidya for coming along side me and sharing her knowledge and coaching techniques. My life is better because of her partnership with me.

- Tim Barry, February 2019

Vidya Guhan at Calm Seas Coaching is an incredible human —she ascertained my strengths through a tool that generated results I found illuminating and am now recognizing and incorporating into my life more consciously, which has helped me to better orient myself in the world.


Over the last 8 months of coaching, Vidya consistently identifies with where I am stuck and is able to articulate perfectly ways I can counter act what's hanging me up. I think of Vidya as a magician as she is calm, cool, collect, and always spot on in terms of giving me the tools for both growth and practical application. When we first met, Vidya said she was developing a coaching practice because she took a class on transformational life coaching and it resonated with her so strongly she wanted to dedicate her work to helping others in a like manner --I can testify that Vidya's coaching has transformed my life!


Vidya is truly a gift to humanity and should you find yourself reading this review and contemplating how she may help with your (newly diagnosed) ADHD, I cannot possibly encourage you more!

- Alexander Mouton, December 2021

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my 40's and while medication really helped with mental fatigue and concentration I found that I was needing help to work through so many unhelpful habits, thoughts and behaviours that I had developed to cope with the chaos that ADHD caused in my life. I noticed how often coaching, shadowing and buddying is recommended in the adult ADHD literature but there is very few practitioners in Australia. Once I saw the name "calm seas coaching" on the ADDitude website I knew that was exactly the service I was looking for.

Over the last 12 months I have engaged in regular individual ADHD specialised coaching with Vidya and also participated in weekly accountably groups, and the procrastination to productivity 6 week group seminar. The flexibility of the coaching was great with no lock in contract and I was able to adjust the number of monthly session from intensive to maintenance to suit my needs, progress and availability. Calm Seas was very accomodating with the time difference and I was always offered sessions at suitable times.
Vidya is so engaging, interested and positive in her interpersonal approach. I felt that she really understood my own individual experience and needs. I set my own goals for coaching and always steered the direction as I reflected on my progress, changing needs and new goals.
Vidya also kept me grounded, motivated and hopeful when I felt I was failing, lost, frustrated or helpless.

Vidya was able to put across the the complexities of ADHD into simple concepts and provided additional worksheets, fact sheets and presentations that were accessible, concise and useful both during sessions to build my understanding and help as a reminder both before and after future sessions. The group sessions were recorded for later viewing when I couldn't make a session and all the resources were accessible online.

Vidya's approach is a fantastic balance of reframing ADHD as a positive and powerful personal strength, building my knowledge, confidence and embracing accountability rather than feeling hammered by it.
Vidya provided such as safe and supportive learning environment that I was able to try new approaches, throw away many of my beliefs about how I "should" be doing things and adopted a new more nurturing and accepting attitude to doing things the way that works for me.
I now have a new job and career that is a much better match for me. I feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life.


- Sean Rosewood, December 2021

I can honestly say, without exaggeration, that coaching with Vidya has been life changing for me. In recent years I had noticed that my ADHD, while medicated, was increasingly hampering my abilities to perform my job at a high level, be the best mother and wife I could be, and had even tanked a few friendships. I had sunk into a victimhood mindset and was starting to believe all my negative self talk.

I am so glad that I didn't let myself wallow too long and took the leap to contact Vidya. Her Procrastination to Productivity Seminar was just beginning, and in the very first session I already felt a hope that I could conquer my ADHD issues that I had all but given up on. In the fourth session, I teared up because Vidya talked about some (apparently common) ADHD issues relating to time that I have always struggled with and had internalized as personal failures. By the end of the seminar series I felt armed with the understanding of my brain's wiring to identify all the 'pain points' in my life caused by ADHD, and a multitude of tools and tricks to accommodate and compensate for the way my brain processes things. I continued into one-on-one coaching and after only a few months I feel like a new person- and with a firm grasp on control of my life, which 6 months ago I thought was unachievable.

Vidya is an incredible resource, a great teacher, and a phenomenal coach. In my one-on-one sessions, I was amazed how she knew exactly the right questions to ask to tease out the root of the issues I was experiencing, and then she would always be able to put the struggles into context and suggest strategies to implement that would help. The strength of her program and her coaching, I feel, is two-fold- she doesn't just give you strategies or 'cheats' to hack your ADD brain- she also gives you a solid foundation of knowledge about HOW and WHY you process and act the way you do, based on your brain wiring- and that foundation of knowledge gives you the power to think critically about yourself and discover solutions independently in tandem with her counsel.

I highly, highly recommend Calm Seas ADHD Coaching to any one struggling with adult ADHD. It's probably the best money I have spent for my business (and personally as well) in years.

- Homefront Team, March 2022

Vidya's calm, reassuring help was just what I needed this year. I first took her webinar, then moved into private coaching. She helped me to discover my strengths, and how to use those to my advantage. After years of feeling my mind was "broken," Vidya gave me the confidence and support to have my most successful year ever. I'll be continuing in her ongoing programs, and continuing to recommend her help to everyone who needs help navigating life with ADHD. She has made such a difference in my personal and professional lives.

- Marilyn Richeson, December 2021

Vidya has been amazing to work with. Earlier this year I was really struggling with my ADHD and it was affecting my work. Going to coaching with Vidya has helped me so much to create strategies and tools to get around obstacles and use my ADHD to my advantage!

- Grace Taylor, December 2021

I don't even know where to begin! Working with Vidya has honestly changed my life for the better! As a mother of not one but two kids with ADHD, I was completely at a loss with how to manage all of the stress and intensity in our home life. In addition to the behavioral and academic challenges that accompany ADHD, there was the stress of navigating different parenting philosophies with my husband. It seemed that getting anyone in our home on the same page was an impossible dream. After doing some of my own research on the topic, I came across a recommendation to find an ADHD coach (an option that I never even knew existed). That proved to be the best "advice" that I ever received. I immediately began my online search, and that's when I found Calm Seas Coaching, LLC. :D

I have been working with Vidya now since March 2018 and have learned so much as a result. In addition to learning more about ADHD and the unique wiring of the ADHD brain, I have become more skilled at setting up my kids (and even my marriage) for greater success. While I initially reached out to Vidya to coach my children, I've seen such incredible value in her expertise that I "stole" her for myself. :D She is absolutely amazing!!! She learns about you as an individual, your strengths and processing styles, what motivates you, the areas in your life that you consider to be your biggest challenges, and then makes observations and/or asks questions that allow you to formulate your own solutions/answers.

Since working with her, my focus has shifted from "my failures as a parent" to my evidence-based history of successes. I have learned to recognize and respond to my own triggers and counterproductive thought patterns (thinking traps) that have gotten in the way of more positive outcomes. In simplest terms, coaching has been about making the shift away from the typical "negative" mindset of what we DON'T want towards the more positive mindset of what we DO want! That positive mindset has always been more authentically me, but with the stress of life, it had become increasingly easier to get emotionally hijacked. Thanks to Vidya, not only have I improved my skills in seeing the world through a lens of positivity, but I have been able to pass that knowledge on to my kids, family, and friends. I highly recommend her services!! Whether it's individual coaching, group coaching or her monthly meet-ups, you won't regret investing in YOU!


- Kelly Schneider, September 2019

When I started coaching with Vidya early in 2022, I was in dire need of help. My life was a shambles, I wasn't even able to do the things I liked and wanted to. Vidya turned me around a complete 180 by working on my mindset. It so happened I was using will power ("a very limited resource," she likes to say) to do even the smallest things and had totally burnt myself out. She taught me to let go of all the boundaries I had imposed on myself, to stop fighting with my brain and instead go with it, and to meet each day, each task, with an open mind and an open heart.


My recovery is still in progress, but it *is* progressing. It is hard work, especially when I'd programmed myself to simply push through anything and everything, but my energy is building up day over day instead of draining out, and that's how I know it's worth it.

- Client, December 2022

** TL;DR; **
Vidya's ADHD Coaching programs have helped educate me on ADHD, worked with me to build executive functioning skills, and finally, tools to understand how to manage the emotional impacts that may have been developing because of ADHD. It was life-changing, and I wish I had this knowledge years earlier.

** What does ADHD look like for me? **
About a year ago, I discovered that I had been struggling with ADHD at age 35. What it looked like for me:

1. Unable to plan, start, and finish projects, whether for school or work. I often have difficulty prioritizing among something that is "important," "urgent," and "interesting." If I know how to "finish" the project in my mind, then doing the action to "finish" is problematic because it just becomes tedious.
2. Unintentionally blackout during meaningful conversations while actively attempting to listen. Typically I'm listening, and I hear something that unintentionally triggers a thought tangent.
3. I can learn, but it takes significantly longer if the content is less than super interesting to trigger hyper-focus. I can start reading a page, flip through the pages, and realize I have absorbed nothing since the first sentence a few pages ago.
4. I must study or work more than 70 to 80 hours a week to keep up. Since middle school, I have built a pattern of burning the midnight oil to work to feel the looming urgency of a deadline.
5. I have bouts of motivational paralysis. Mentally I want to work; I want to get things done, but I can sit in front of my desk, and the most straightforward task is impossible.
6. I am successful. I graduated from one of the best high schools and earned a bachelor's in engineering and a masters in robotics. I have worked at top tech companies.
7. I have imposter syndrome. I worry about my outward appearance as someone who may be lazy, someone who can't lead/finish projects, or someone who is not competent.

** How did Vidya’s ADHD Coaching help me? **
I did three different types of coaching with Vidya.
1. 1-on-1 ADHD Coaching. This type of coaching is where Vidya will work with me to understand my goals, how I can get myself motivated, and how to leverage those innate abilities to my advantage to get what I need to get done. In my opinion, this type of coaching works best if you have a goal in mind. Specifically, my goal was to build skills to plan, act, and deliver on work projects.

2. ADHD Webinar. This was a 6-week course where Vidya went into the science of ADHD. What is ADHD? Why does it influence our patterns, motivations, and focus? What are general strategies that leverage your innate abilities to your advantage?

3.Small Group Coaching Program. I realized having untreated ADHD did more than just influence my work-life balance; it also impacted my ability to feel confident. I am highly skilled technically, but I always felt like an imposter. I would ruminate over situations and hypothetical scenarios and build narratives that deter me from experiencing the best life I can. This was group-based coaching where you will listen to others who have ADHD as well. It was so validating to know that I am not alone with these feelings and struggles.

** What do I recommend? **
I think the courses/coaching programs have morphed into a combination of all three for group settings. I would personally recommend doing that first. It is like a class, where you’ll get a short presentation on a topic, the group gets to discuss it and how it makes to feel, what they think about it, what they learned, etc.

If you’re like me and cannot accomplish mid to long-term goals effectively because it is impossible to plan and action your way there, then I recommend doing a 1-on-1 style coach. I think in 1 to 2 weeks out, and anything further out is infinitely far away, so the sense of urgency is lost.

--Matthew Ahn, June 2022

To say that working with Vidya has been life changing would be an understatement. Before I became her client, my life was a mess. I could barely do more than two hours of work a day, my apartment was a disaster, and I spent my nights eating bad takeout and staying up way too late. Now I can easily get all my work done in a day (sometimes before the end of the day, too!), my apartment is clean, and…well, I still sometimes stay up too late, lol, but I can hardly remember the last time I ate take out because I now have the energy and foresight to plan dinners for myself every night. There was also a big personal project outside of work that I had been struggling to finish for TWO YEARS and I honestly resigned myself to never completing it, but while working with Vidya, I was able to get it done in a few months (and have continued to complete personal projects on a monthly basis since then!)

I seriously thought I would never be able to do ANY of this, ever, in my life. I’ve read and watched so many self-help articles and books and YouTube videos that claimed they were going to help me change, but they didn’t. I went to multiple therapists, and while they were very helpful in other aspects of my mental health, they couldn’t help me get a solid handle on my ADHD. I could never maintain the habits that I was told “should” work, but Vidya’s response to that has always been, “Well, ’should’ doesn’t seem to work for you. So let’s figure out what does.” A lot of the ways I take care of myself now and achieve goals in my life probably wouldn’t work for most people, but they work well for ME. And I know for a fact, I wouldn’t have been able to figure out any of this if I hadn’t met Vidya.

I could talk on and on about her, but I’ll end it with this: if you’re looking for an *amazing* ADHD coach, go with Vidya!

- CMNB, January 2022

I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 42 and found myself both relieved to have some answers, but also completely clueless as to what to do about it. I knew I needed to find an expert, but also someone with whom I connected on a personal level because my untreated ADHD had really started to impact my life in serious and negative ways and I needed help (beyond trying medications, which is a different process altogether, and meds are completely a personal decision). That said, I didn't fully understand that much of what had been considered "depression" and "anxiety" (along with emotional regulation and low threshold for stress) was much more related to ADHD and my brain's wiring than it was my fault or indications that I was lazy and dysfunctional in ways that I didn't understand (but which I began to believe). My confidence had plummeted. My life started to feel like it was unraveling once I stopped working full-time (the opposite of what I thought would happen). I desperately needed someone who could teach me, coach me, listen to me, and actually get me (unlike anyone in my life up to that point, despite their best efforts).


Since I started working with Vidya, I understand myself so much better, I am starting to like myself again, I forgive myself more easily, and I have hope that my life will get better. My marriage has gotten stronger because I am able to explain what exactly is happening to me on my rough days. I am not yet the parent that I want to be, but Vidya is helping me in ways that I didn't anticipate when I thought I was 'just' signing up with an ADHD coach. She is compassionate, smart, gets down to business when necessary, and also lets me talk when I need to. I have no doubt she will be an important part of my life for a long time.


I highly recommend her to anyone of any age, and even family members who want to understand and support a loved one with this often misunderstood (and poorly named!) "disorder." Spoiler alert: it's not just about not being able to sit still or pay attention. On paper, my life does not look like someone who had untreated ADHD for 40 years, and I definitely went through periods of managing it (without knowing it) and then times where things spun out and I didn't know why.


At last, I found Vidya. I have a great family and support network, but she has been the most important part of my community to help me understand that there is actually nothing wrong with me, after all. And there's nothing wrong with you, either :)

- Andrea Carter, December 2020

Before I started working with Vidya, I had good knowledge of various ADHD concepts, as I was researching them for almost a year. I thought I actually understood these concepts and could practice them by myself, but that's where I was wrong and Vidya helped me to see these concepts and tools in a new way. She makes Coaching very personal, like it's supposed to be. Vidya has extensive knowledge both theoretical and practical tools, and helped me navigate between the two, where appropriate. While I am still Work in Progress, I have improved significantly in my quest and I can say Vidya has played a big role in that.

- Client, May 2022

Coaching with Vidya has truly been life altering. Her compassion comes through her coaching in a way that relaxes your inner mind enough to target the complexities of whatever is challenging you. Her warmth invites full disclosure without regret. She made me realize my potential. I didn't realize my strength until she reintroduced me to my possibilities. At the apex of our coaching, I was able to let go of my defenses and soar. I am now on an unstoppable trajectory of endless possibilities. Hands down one of the best coaches!


-Temetric Reeves, February 2018

Vidya’s guidance came at a time when I needed it most. I began coaching with her at the same time I began my graduate program. I chose her because she stood out as someone who understands this on a personal level. I needed space to process my surroundings and strategies to make the most of my efforts. Vidya’s expert knowledge as a professional, and a parent, give her a valuable perspective. Throughout my ups and downs, Vidya helped make sense of it all.


- Alexander Shields,  March 2020

Vidya made an enormous difference for me. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and was struggling to find strategies that would help me accomplish what I needed to. My ADHD was affecting my work and my relationships, and while I had medication and therapy, I still felt like I wasn't doing as well as I could. With Vidya's help, I came to understand my ADHD better and developed strategies based on what works best for me. It really changes things for me.


- D Vers, April 2020

​Vidya has a warm, light-hearted, and calming presence. She is up to date with knowledge about ADHD and is super organized in her presentation style. She checks in with participants progress and is dedicated to providing helpful resources. I feel lucky I found her and this program - it's given me hope that I now have the tools for changing ADD patterns that are keeping me from my goals. Thank so much Vidya!!!

M.W., Summer 2021

I have been enjoying my sessions with Vidya. She is a wonderful coach who is very adept at asking you the right kind of questions. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening and gentle prodding. She quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and leaves you with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder on. Vidya does not make decisions for me but instead has helped me develop ways to deal with situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness. She has helped me draw a plan of action that I can work on. She summarizes every session and always makes you feel accomplished at the end of the session. She has been a vital resource to me.


-Client, August 2017

Vidya Guhan is a responsive, intelligent, and sensitive practitioner.  She is professional and reliable. Vidya also has the priceless qualities of a naturally good listener, someone who not only respects her clients but truly walks along beside them.  I felt safe, had some real "aha!" moments from her coaching, and also came away feeling much more focused and "clear" about the issues we discussed. 


Vidya integrates a lot of experience and knowledge from her qualifications as a Speech Therapist, and this was very useful for some of my ADD-related struggles, but I also think her grasp of Executive Function is extremely valuable to anyone working in the modern world.  I can also attest that Vidya has sound knowledge and excellent skills as a coach for ADD/HD affected clients and their families. I recommend her.


-Finuala Grace, February 2018.

After facing challenges to sustain a high-performance track at work, I’ve decided to embark on a journey to uncover the reasons things weren’t going in the directions I’ve expected, despite the hard work. I recall finishing my first ADHD reading (listening, actually) with the impression a hidden camera was following me for years as that book seemed to be describing “me” (well, not literally, but you got the point 😊). By establishing a “board of directors”—inclusive of MDs, coaches, mentors, friends, authors spamming from Napoleon Hill, to Dale Carnegie, Robin Sharma, and others— “systems” and daily routine (meditation, reading, physical activity, “blank pages”), I found the path to cope with the challenges of ADHD in my life.


Vidya played a key role in helping me uncover these tools and systems, broadening my understanding of the traps ADHD individuals typically fall, providing insights on how ADHD brains are wired differently, uncovering ways to increase awareness of “in the moment” feelings and how to let your “defense attorney” voice the “whys” in times you can’t stand the boredom of complex tasks. I leave every interaction with practical ideas to enhance the systems that work for me, debrief on setbacks of past weeks/days and how to course correct. Also, a sense of self-pride for the courage to ask for help when things weren’t well and for having Vidya as one of distinct members of my “board of directors.”

- Rodrigo Orzari, September 2020

When I came across the website for Calm Seas Coaching, I knew I found what I was looking for. The website does a wonderful job of respectfully outlining the challenges of having ADHD. It also outlines what I wanted to accomplish. I was diagnosed as an adult. Growing up, not know why I struggled, I developed strategies and techniques so that I wouldn't let people down with my inconsistency. I sacrificed my self care, interests, desires. For years, I though this was what I had to do to compensate for my ADHD. From the start of coaching, Vidya helped me see my strengths and helped me use them to develop structures, focus of mind, in order to reach my goals and meet my personal needs. In 3 months, I woke up to experience joy again. Vidya gets ADHD. In a loving, patient, and firm way. She held me to my strengths and goals and helped me chart paths of acceptance. Vidya is the coach I needed.

- Cyndee Wiese, March 2021

⚡🏆⚡👍from Adult ADHD'er: I met with two other ADHD coaches in Seattle, but I felt Vidya had a plan that would work for me. My partner and I have struggled with communication and my challenges with impulsivity & difficulty beginning tasks. Vidya offered to have an introductory meeting with us that was very helpful. Vidya and I discovered a method that works for me. The initial test (moving from apt to house) was a raving success. With Vidya's plan (accountability & small bites), I even managed to prepare & file my taxes early! Vidya showed me how to work with my brain for success and this produced three huge wins (moving, taxes & relationship)

- Fluffy Webber, April 2021

Vidya is an amazing coach! She is as knowledgeable as she is caring. I had the privilege of being coached by her several times and always walked away with fresh insights into how I work best and confidence that I have what it takes. If you have the opportunity to work with her I know you will quickly realize the benefits of having a skilled, resourceful coach on your side.

-Esther Malwitz, November 2017

Vidya is a kind, compassionate, and insightful coach. Working with her really helped me overcome my struggles as a first-time mom and achieve greater balance in my daily life.

- Natalia Van Rikxoort, August 2017

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