From our Clients

When I came across the website for Calm Seas Coaching, I knew I found what I was looking for. The website does a wonderful job of respectfully outlining the challenges of having ADHD. It also outlines what I wanted to accomplish. I was diagnosed as an adult. Growing up, not know why I struggled, I developed strategies and techniques so that I wouldn't let people down with my inconsistency. I sacrificed my self care, interests, desires. For years, I though this was what I had to do to compensate for my ADHD. From the start of coaching, Vidya helped me see my strengths and helped me use them to develop structures, focus of mind, in order to reach my goals and meet my personal needs. In 3 months, I woke up to experience joy again. Vidya gets ADHD. In a loving, patient, and firm way. She held me to my strengths and goals and helped me chart paths of acceptance. Vidya is the coach I needed.

- Cyndee Wiese, March 2021

⚡🏆⚡👍from Adult ADHD'er: I met with two other ADHD coaches in Seattle, but I felt Vidya had a plan that would work for me. My partner and I have struggled with communication and my challenges with impulsivity & difficulty beginning tasks. Vidya offered to have an introductory meeting with us that was very helpful. Vidya and I discovered a method that works for me. The initial test (moving from apt to house) was a raving success. With Vidya's plan (accountability & small bites), I even managed to prepare & file my taxes early! Vidya showed me how to work with my brain for success and this produced three huge wins (moving, taxes & relationship)

- Fluffy Webber, April 2021

I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 42 and found myself both relieved to have some answers, but also completely clueless as to what to do about it. I knew I needed to find an expert, but also someone with whom I connected on a personal level because my untreated ADHD had really started to impact my life in serious and negative ways and I needed help (beyond trying medications, which is a different process altogether, and meds are completely a personal decision). That said, I didn't fully understand that much of what had been considered "depression" and "anxiety" (along with emotional regulation and low threshold for stress) was much more related to ADHD and my brain's wiring than it was my fault or indications that I was lazy and dysfunctional in ways that I didn't understand (but which I began to believe). My confidence had plummeted. My life started to feel like it was unraveling once I stopped working full-time (the opposite of what I thought would happen). I desperately needed someone who could teach me, coach me, listen to me, and actually get me (unlike anyone in my life up to that point, despite their best efforts). Since I started working with Vidya, I understand myself so much better, I am starting to like myself again, I forgive myself more easily, and I have hope that my life will get better. My marriage has gotten stronger because I am able to explain what exactly is happening to me on my rough days. I am not yet the parent that I want to be, but Vidya is helping me in ways that I didn't anticipate when I thought I was 'just' signing up with an ADHD coach. She is compassionate, smart, gets down to business when necessary, and also lets me talk when I need to. I have no doubt she will be an important part of my life for a long time. I highly recommend her to anyone of any age, and even family members who want to understand and support a loved one with this often misunderstood (and poorly named!) "disorder." Spoiler alert: it's not just about not being able to sit still or pay attention. On paper, my life does not look like someone who had untreated ADHD for 40 years, and I definitely went through periods of managing it (without knowing it) and then times where things spun out and I didn't know why. At last, I found Vidya. I have a great family and support network, but she has been the most important part of my community to help me understand that there is actually nothing wrong with me, after all. And there's nothing wrong with you, either :)

- Andrea Carter, Dec 2020

After facing challenges to sustain a high-performance track at work, I’ve decided to embark on a journey to uncover the reasons things weren’t going in the directions I’ve expected, despite the hard work. I recall finishing my first ADHD reading (listening, actually) with the impression a hidden camera was following me for years as that book seemed to be describing “me” (well, not literally, but you got the point 😊). By establishing a “board of directors”—inclusive of MDs, coaches, mentors, friends, authors spamming from Napoleon Hill, to Dale Carnegie, Robin Sharma, and others— “systems” and daily routine (meditation, reading, physical activity, “blank pages”), I found the path to cope with the challenges of ADHD in my life. Vidya played a key role in helping me uncover these tools and systems, broadening my understanding of the traps ADHD individuals typically fall, providing insights on how ADHD brains are wired differently, uncovering ways to increase awareness of “in the moment” feelings and how to let your “defense attorney” voice the “whys” in times you can’t stand the boredom of complex tasks. I leave every interaction with practical ideas to enhance the systems that work for me, debrief on setbacks of past weeks/days and how to course correct. Also, a sense of self-pride for the courage to ask for help when things weren’t well and for having Vidya as one of distinct members of my “board of directors.”

- Rodrigo Orzari, Sept 2020

Vidya made an enormous difference for me. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and was struggling to find strategies that would help me accomplish what I needed to. My ADHD was affecting my work and my relationships, and while I had medication and therapy, I still felt like I wasn't doing as well as I could. With Vidya's help, I came to understand my ADHD better and developed strategies based on what works best for me. It really changes things for me.


- D Vers, April 2020

Vidya’s guidance came at a time when I needed it most. I began coaching with her at the same time I began my graduate program. I chose her because she stood out as someone who understands this on a personal level. I needed space to process my surroundings and strategies to make the most of my efforts. Vidya’s expert knowledge as a professional, and a parent, give her a valuable perspective. Throughout my ups and downs, Vidya helped make sense of it all.


- Alexander Shields,  March 2020

Vidya Guhan is a responsive, intelligent, and sensitive practitioner.  She is professional and reliable. Vidya also has the priceless qualities of a naturally good listener, someone who not only respects her clients but truly walks along beside them.  I felt safe, had some real "aha!" moments from her coaching, and also came away feeling much more focused and "clear" about the issues we discussed. 


Vidya integrates a lot of experience and knowledge from her qualifications as a Speech Therapist, and this was very useful for some of my ADD-related struggles, but I also think her grasp of Executive Function is extremely valuable to anyone working in the modern world.  I can also attest that Vidya has sound knowledge and excellent skills as a coach for ADD/HD affected clients and their families. I recommend her.


-Finuala Grace, Feb 2018.

Coaching with Vidya has truly been life altering. Her compassion comes through her coaching in a way that relaxes your inner mind enough to target the complexities of whatever is challenging you. Her warmth invites full disclosure without regret. She made me realize my potential. I didn't realize my strength until she reintroduced me to my possibilities. At the apex of our coaching, I was able to let go of my defenses and soar. I am now on an unstoppable trajectory of endless possibilities. Hands down one of the best coaches!


-Temetric Reeves, Feb 2018

Vidya is an amazing coach! She is as knowledgeable as she is caring. I had the privilege of being coached by her several times and always walked away with fresh insights into how I work best and confidence that I have what it takes. If you have the opportunity to work with her I know you will quickly realize the benefits of having a skilled, resourceful coach on your side.

-Esther Malwitz, Nov 2017

I have been enjoying my sessions with Vidya. She is a wonderful coach who is very adept at asking you the right kind of questions. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening and gentle prodding. She quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and leaves you with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder on. Vidya does not make decisions for me but instead has helped me develop ways to deal with situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness. She has helped me draw a plan of action that I can work on. She summarizes every session and always makes you feel accomplished at the end of the session. She has been a vital resource to me.


-Client, Aug 2017

I want to thank Vidya from Calm Seas Coaching for her support and partnership with me as I addressed ADHD behaviors to make improvements in my life.  

I can’t say enough about Vidya’s knowledge of ADHD or her consultative approach to guiding her clients. My ADHD was diagnosed later in life (Late 40’s) and I was eager to learn more about ADHD plus any tools that I can leverage to help me be more impactful in life. Vidya took time to educate me on the ADHD nervous system and then worked with me to address areas of my life to improve. In a short time, my wife and saw improvements in my ability to self-regulate in the areas of focus.

Vidya’s approach made it easy to engage and I was able to share my challenges with her quickly.  She worked with me to identify areas of my life to focus on. We worked together first to understand what my brain was doing in these areas, then, we reviewed recommendations to work differently. Vidya customized I learned best from visuals and built many visuals to help me understand the concepts she was sharing.

In closing, life is difficult enough and having ADHD can add to the challenges.  I can only say that I’m so thankful to Vidya for coming along side me and sharing her knowledge and coaching techniques. My life is better because of her partnership with me.

-Tim Barry, Feb 2019

I don't even know where to begin!  Working with Vidya has honestly changed my life for the better! As a mother of not one but two kids with ADHD, I was completely at a loss with how to manage all of the stress and intensity in our home life.  In addition to the behavioral and academic challenges that accompany ADHD, there was the stress of navigating different parenting philosophies with my husband. It seemed that getting anyone in our home on the same page was an impossible dream.  After doing some of my own research on the topic, I came across a recommendation to find an ADHD coach (an option that I never even knew existed). That proved to be the best "advice" that I ever received. I immediately began my online search, and that's when I found Calm Seas Coaching, LLC.  :D

I have been working with Vidya now since March 2018 and have learned so much as a result.  In addition to learning more about ADHD and the unique wiring of the ADHD brain, I have become more skilled at setting up my kids (and even my marriage) for greater success.  While I initially reached out to Vidya to coach my children, I've seen such incredible value in her expertise that I "stole" her for myself. :D She is absolutely amazing!!! She learns about you as an individual, your strengths and processing styles, what motivates you, the areas in your life that you consider to be your biggest challenges, and then makes observations and/or asks questions that allow you to formulate your own solutions/answers.


Since working with her, my focus has shifted from "my failures as a parent" to my evidence-based history of successes.  I have learned to recognize and respond to my own triggers and counterproductive thought patterns (thinking traps) that have gotten in the way of more positive outcomes. In simplest terms, coaching has been about making the shift away from the typical "negative" mindset of what we DON'T want towards the more positive mindset of what we DO want!  That positive mindset has always been more authentically me, but with the stress of life, it had become increasingly easier to get emotionally hijacked. Thanks to Vidya, not only have I improved my skills in seeing the world through a lens of positivity, but I have been able to pass that knowledge on to my kids, family, and friends. I highly recommend her services!!  Whether it's individual coaching, group coaching or her monthly meet-ups, you won't regret investing in YOU!


-Kelly Schneider, Sept 2019

I worked with Vidya to overcome many of the challenges of being a new mom and she helped me to see the importance of devoting time to self-care. As a coach, Vidya is kind, patient, and thoughtful. She is truly a pleasure to work with!


-Natalia Von Rikxoort, Aug 2017