ADHD Coaching Services

Hold my hand and float beside me

As the waves rise and fall in my sleep

So I won’t lose my way.

Once I awaken,

I will be off on my own

In the direction where I hold sway.

-Vidya Guhan

sea otters holding hands
  • Personalized agenda and approach 
  • Customized ADHD education
  • Coach toward your specific goals
  • Work at your own pace
  • Understand the ADHD brain
  • Uncover your unique strengths
  • Unlock strategies for lifelong success.
  • In a compassionate peer supported environment
  • Mentoring specifically for ADHD Coaches
  • Specialized in mentor coaching toward earning PAAC Credentials
  • One-on-one or mentor groups
1:1 Coaching

3 sessions a month

Each coaching session is 45 min long.

Morning and Afternoon appointments.


Phone or Zoom (Video Conference) appointments. 

Access to Procrastination to Productivity online course


We recommend 3-6 months to support successful

progress toward your goals 

Group Coaching


3 sessions a month for 6 months

Each coaching session is 1.5 hr long.

Groups start quarterly and are limited to 8 participants


Live Zoom sessions and client portal for all materials


Weekday Body doubling sessions and Check-in prompts 

A limited number of scholarship spots are available. 

Please contact us directly to discuss your situation.


Please note that we do not offer coaching for students, children or parents at this time.  Please reach out to us if you would like alternative resources or referrals to our coaching colleagues.

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