ADHD Coaching Services

Hold my hand and float beside me

As the waves rise and fall in my sleep

So I won’t lose my way.

Once I awaken,

I will be off on my own

In the direction where I hold sway.

-Vidya Guhan

sea otters holding hands
  • Work with your unique brain wiring
  • Become self empowered
  • Take consistent action 
  • Achieve your goals
  • Optimize organization, time management, task completion, communication
  • Increase productivity
  • Create better work-life balance
  • Understand Executive Function Skills and ADHD
  • Learn and use strategies and tools  designed to work with the ADHD brain wiring
Coaching Sessions


For new clients, we recommend  3 sessions a month 

for 3-4 months to support successful progress toward your goals.

Each coaching session is 45 min long.

 Morning and Evening appointments.


Phone or Zoom (Video Conference) appointments. 


Coaching includes weekly Action and Accountability Group Meeting on Zoom (optional) 

A limited number of pro bono or scholarship appointments are available. 

 Please contact us directly to discuss your situation.


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