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ADD Coaching - A Strengths Based Approach


This is one of the many reasons I use a strengths based approach in my coaching practice: An approach that focuses on who a child is, and not just what he does; An approach that empowers a child to work with his unique brain wiring instead of against it.

Far too many children who are struggling in a typical environment end up feeling like failures because they cannot do what most of the others are doing. Focusing exclusively on what is not working well for that child and trying to "fix" him so he can fit in is counterproductive and potentially harmful.

A far more compassionate and effective approach is to start with figuring out what does work for this child. What are his strengths? Where are his successes? What environment and contexts does he naturally thrive in? What motivates him? What does he value?

By really exploring the components and parameters of success for the child, we can start to replicate this success in other contexts and environments where he typically struggles. If we can get a better understanding of what makes him tick, then we can start to bridge the gap between who he is and what he needs to do. From this foundation of early success, we can build momentum toward addressing challenges, building skills and developing strategies.

It is not unusual to find for example that a child that is bored or struggling in a classroom setting is the super motivated star of a sports team. I'd be very curious as to why and how to leverage that drive and ability:-)

(P.S. All of this applies to working with Adults with ADHD/ ADD as well. Even more so as many of them have been struggling with negative experiences and messages all their lives. 'Acknowledging and reconnecting with who they really are is truly a powerful and life changing experience)

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