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From Motherhood to Coaching (My Story - Part 2)

As my daughter hit her final year of high school, I realized I was ready to resume a full time career. I had worked part time for many years as a Speech Language Pathologist, an Educational Consultant and a Classical Dancer and Dance Teacher. For many logical reasons, I found my way to Life Coaching, and specifically to ADHD Coach Training. This is where my life really transformed.

As part of the training at ADD Coach Academy, we are all required to go through a Personal Transformation Course in which we use many of our coaching tools on ourselves and experience the transformative effects of life coaching. It was a game changer for me. From the get go, the coaching process stopped being about a job or finding things to help my daughter and became about finding myself again. It was like all these buried treasures came up to the surface again -- who I really was, what my character strengths are, what my values, passions and needs are. I started to release all the blame and fear I was carrying around and started to value myself again; I felt heard and acknowledged by my coaches. I stopped being invisible; I started to pay attention to things that I enjoyed and things that made me happy; I gave myself permission to have fun again and to celebrate my own life and who I was.

I also did gain a better understanding of my daughter’s challenges and a healthier perspective about our relationship. This led to more peace within me and more harmony in our family. As I found my way, my whole family benefited.

I wish I had been coached sooner. I wish I had been coached as a young mother. I wish all parents had coaches to help them be their best and do their best, without losing themselves or their path. I wish all families with special challenges could have the coaching I had. And thus grew my vision and mission, my passion and purpose: To help you find your calm, be fearless and live your best life!

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