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Becoming Fearless...the Vision

Coaching is a modeling profession. We coaches try to live by the same principles we bring to our clients. We are constantly moving forward toward our goals and vision and striving to be the best versions of ourselves. Like most people, I am drawn to this promise of new beginnings. Here is my vision for myself: I want to become fearless

I have this growing realization that I am highly capable, talented, motivated and hardworking; yet there is something that holds me back from reaching my full potential and shining. There is a little voice in me that seems to be afraid of not achieving a certain outcome, of what other people may think of me, of whether I am good enough and whether I am really ready to go for it. There is a fear that douses my confidence just enough to make me unnecessarily play second fiddle to my peers.

My vision for myself is to become fearless and really go for what I want to achieve with full confidence and expectation of success. I want to be free of all these mental constraints, limiting beliefs, the "what ifs" , and the pressure to perform a certain way or achieve a certain thing. I want to do what I do completely unfettered. I want to live with passion, confidence, expertise and abundance. I give myself permission to be fearless. I am fearless!

Becoming Fearless

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