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adhd and procrastination

Procrastination to Productivity!

6 Essential Executive Function Skills to Start, Do & Finish Tasks with ADHD

Currently offered only through our

Comprehensive Core Coaching Program


This course is for you if...

You are an adult with ADHD 


You deal with ADHD procrastination issues that keep you from being or feeling productive

You want to be able to get started on tasks sooner and with less effort 

You want to know helpful ways to get unstuck when you have difficulty starting a task


You simply want to get things done without the "procrastination pain" or paying "ADHD tax"

Because this webinar course... 

Covers the unique ACT NOW (c)  six step approach to prevent and overcome ADHD procrastination

Incorporates strategies specific to the ADHD brain rather than the Non-ADHD brain 


Addresses both the mindset shifts and practical strategies needed to take effective action 


Is a 6 week course to allow you time to experiment with strategies and implement changes


  • Live presentations by an experienced Master Certified ADHD Coach

  • Recordings of live sessions available after each session

  • Extra time built in for Q&A and discussions

  • Real life examples from people with ADHD

  • Handouts, worksheets and models

Join Master Certified ADHD Coach Vidya Guhan

adhd coach seattle
in this live webinar course and get started on your journey to productivity.
adhd and boredom

Module 1:  
Achieve Activation

Learn how to ignite your brain for boring but important tasks by promoting dopamine and other helpful ADHD brain chemicals.

adhd and decision making

Module 2:
Create Clarity

Learn how to create easy starting points, actionable steps and specific finish lines for your tasks.

adhd and working memory

Module 3:  
Trigger Memory

Learn about the important role of working memory and how to externalize and access it as needed.

adhd and time perception

Module 4:  
Now or Not Now?

Learn about the unique way the ADHD brain perceives time, and acquire practical strategies to manage time successfully.

adhd and impulsivity

Module 5:
Overcome Impulsivity 

Learn how to pause to align with your intentions and to use effective ADHD strategies to keep your plans on track.

adhd and emotional regulation

Module 6:  
Welcome Emotions

Learn how to be at ease with the emotions that show up as you engage in tasks so that they don't have to get in your way.

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