Emily B., Spring 2021

This course was an amazing wealth of information about which helped me identify why I have struggled with productivity and procrastination for my entire life. The educational information and tools presented in this webinar series were extremely well presented and easily immediately applied. I am so grateful that I am now able to identify what is really stopping me from being productive, and I am now building up the skills to be productive when I want to, and not just when the stars magically align! I would recommend this course to anyone with ADHD, especially those who struggle to set and follow-through on goals. 


Procrastination to Productivity!

6 Essential Executive Function Skills to Start, Do & Finish Tasks with ADHD

Procrastination to Productivity

Wednesdays at 4 pm to 5:10 pm PT 

Jan 5, 12, 19 & Feb 2, 9, 16, 

Live online sessions via Zoom

Cost: $397


This course is for you if


You are an adult with ADHD 


You deal with procrastination issues that keep you from being or feeling productive

You want to be able to get started on tasks sooner and with less effort 

You want to know helpful ways to get unstuck when you have difficulty starting on a task


You simply want to get things done without the "procrastination pain"

Because this webinar course 

Covers the unique ACT NOW six step approach to prevent and overcome procrastination

Incorporates strategies specific to the ADHD brain rather than the Non-ADHD brain 


Addresses both the mindset shifts and practical strategies needed to take effective action 


Is a 6 week course to allow you time to experiment with strategies and implement changes


  • Live presentations by an experienced Master Certified ADHD Coach

  • Recordings of live sessions available after each session

  • Extra time built in for Q&A and discussions

  • Real life examples and relatable analogies

  • Handouts, worksheets and models

Join Master Certified ADHD Coach Vidya Guhan

in this live webinar course and get started on your journey to productivity

Course Schedule

ADHD Brain Wiring

Module 1:  

Achieve Activation


Learn how to ignite your brain for boring but important tasks by promoting dopamine and other helpful brain chemicals.


Module 2:

Create Clarity


Learn how to create easy starting points, actionable steps and specific finish lines for your tasks.

ADHD Working Memory

Module 3:  

Trigger Memory


Learn about the important role of working memory and how to externalize and access it as needed.

ADHD Time Blindness

Module 4:  

Now or Not Now?


Learn about the unique way the ADHD brain perceives time, and acquire practical strategies to manage time successfully.

ADHD Impulse Control

Module 5:

Overcome Impulsivity 


Learn how to pause to align with your intentions and to use effective structure to keep your plans on track.

smiley-2979107_1280 (1).jpg

Module 6:  

Welcome Emotions


Learn how to be at ease with the emotions that show up as you engage in tasks so that they don't have to get in your way.

...Vidya played a key role in helping me uncover these tools and systems, broadening my understanding of the traps ADHD individuals typically fall, providing insights on how ADHD brains are wired differently...

-Rodrigo Orsari

Vidya integrates a lot of experience and knowledge from her qualifications as a Speech Therapist, and this was very useful for some of my ADD-related struggles, but I also think her grasp of Executive Function is extremely valuable to anyone working in the modern world.

-Finula Grace

I can’t say enough about Vidya’s knowledge of ADHD or her consultative approach to guiding her clients. My ADHD was diagnosed later in life (Late 40’s) and I was eager to learn more about ADHD plus any tools that I can leverage to help me be more impactful in life. Vidya took time to educate me on the ADHD nervous system and then worked with me to address areas of my life to improve. In a short time, my wife and I saw improvements in my ability to self-regulate in the areas of focus.

- Tim Barry

Why this?  Why Now?

"Procrastination in ADHD is the thief of time, choice and intention.  Honoring and working with our brain wiring to get a handle on procrastination can be one of the most empowering experiences we have.  It allows us  to trust ourselves and believe we can do anything we set our minds to.”  

-- Vidya Guhan, Calm Seas Coaching