Move from surviving to thriving to celebrating your life!

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Find your passion and purpose:

  • Discover who you really are and how you are showing up in your life.

  • Envision what you truly want for yourself.

  • Decide what you are willing to do about it.

  • Determine what is getting in your way.

  • Invest in your happiness every day.


Reconnect to your most authentic best self:

  • Tap into your “buried treasure” of successful experiences.

  • Focus on your positive character strengths, values and passions. 

  • Shift away from negative beliefs that do not serve you well.


Develop emotional regulation​:

  • Learn to pause and be mindful.

  • Name your emotions, thoughts and body signals in the moment.

  • Take the pressure off of yourself.

"I had been through several different therapies and programs and built a lot of skills for myself.  But there was still a disconnect between how I worked and how the world said I should work.  I got the feeling that I was going through the motions without really being engaged in the direction of my life and my choices.  I would escape into my head and get stuck on negative thoughts."

"I started getting some ADHD coaching as a young adult.  It was a game changer for me.  I was able to express myself to my coach in ways I never could with others.  I felt free of judgement and opened up to my true self, learning more than anyone could teach me.  Most of all, I was motivated and developed a strong sense of ownership for my own issues and actions."

Optimize your motivation and attention:

  • Become aware of your interests and intentions.

  • Leverage them to take action.

Take goal oriented action:

  • Learn about your unique brain wiring and processing styles.

  • Learn how to work with your brain instead of against it.

Self advocate:

  • Create an environment for success.

  • Set up support systems and structures for yourself that allow you to thrive.

We also work specifically on the following areas:​

  • Time Management

  • Working Memory

  • Communication

  • Self Regulation 

  • Organization