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ADD, ADHD, ASD, LD...beyond the labels, the struggle is real.  

Find your passion and purpose:

  • Discover who you really are and how you are showing up in your life.

  • Envision what you truly want for yourself.

  • Decide what you are willing to do about it.

  • Determine what is getting in your way.

  • Invest in your happiness every day.


Reconnect to your most authentic best self:

  • Tap into your “buried treasure” of successful experiences.

  • Focus on your positive character strengths, values and passions. 

  • Shift away from negative beliefs that do not serve you well.


Develop emotional regulation​:

  • Learn to pause and be mindful.

  • Name your emotions, thoughts and body sensations as they occur in the moment.

  • Take the pressure off of yourself.

"My daughter had been through several different therapies and programs and built a lot of skills for herself.  But there was still a disconnect between how she worked and how the world said she should work.  I got the feeling that she was going through the motions without really being engaged in the direction of her life and her choices.  She would escape into her head and get stuck on negative thoughts."

"She started getting some ADHD coaching as an older teen.  It was a game changer for her.  She was able to express herself to her coach in ways she never could with me as a mom.  She felt free of judgement and opened up to her true self, learning more than anyone could teach her.  Most of all, she was motivated and developed a strong sense of ownership for her own issues and actions."

Optimize your motivation and attention:

  • Become aware of your interests and intentions.

  • Leverage them to take action.

Take goal oriented action:

  • Learn about your unique brain wiring and processing styles.

  • Learn how to work with your brain instead of against it.

Self advocate:

  • Create an environment for success.

  • Set up support systems and structures for yourself that allow you to thrive.

We also work specifically on the following areas:

  • Time Management.

  • Working Memory.

  • Social Skills.

  • Communication Skills.