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Are you always running late or missing deadlines?...

Are you  full of wonderful ideas but unable to organize, plan or act on them effectively?

Do you put things off till you can’t put them off anymore then rush to do it?

Do you have difficulty starting on important but boring tasks?

Do you feel good about all of who you are,  with your strengths and your challenges?

Are you exceptionally good at some things but struggle with seemingly ordinary things?

... and help you to 

Connect with your inner greatness, who you are and who you choose to be


Develop personalized solutions and strategies based on how your brain works best.

Improve time management, organization, communication emotional regulation and other executive function skills 

Take targeted consistent action toward your goals 

Increase productivity and work life balance

Become self compassionate and self empowered!

At Calm Seas, we partner with you to:

Engage your natural strengths and ADHD Superpowers

Manage your self regulation

Promote brain activation

Optimize environmental structure & support

Watch your self care

Establish executive function skills

Renew your commitment

Empower success!
Our highly effective kindness based framework 
for coaching adults with ADHD

I can’t say enough about Vidya’s knowledge of ADHD or her consultative approach to guiding her clients. My ADHD was diagnosed later in life (Late 40’s) and I was eager to learn more about ADHD plus any tools that I can leverage to help me be more impactful in life. Vidya took time to educate me on the ADHD nervous system and then worked with me to address areas of my life to improve. In a short time, my wife and saw improvements in my ability to self-regulate in the areas of focus.

- Tim Barry, Client

Vidya Guhan
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