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ADHD Coaching for Adults

We provide virtual group and individual ADHD coaching to improve executive functioning skills in adults with ADHD so they can get things done with consistency, confidence and self compassion.

Is ADHD Coaching for you?

Do you have difficulty starting on important but boring tasks?
Do you put things off until you can’t put them off anymore, then rush to do it?
Are you struggling to feel good about all of who you are, with your strengths and challenges?
Do you feel like you are living your life off someone else's rule book?
Are you exceptionally good at some things but struggle with seemingly ordinary things?
Are you full of wonderful ideas but unable to organize, plan or act on them effectively?
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Our Signature Adult ADHD Group Program

It is..

...a guided six-month ADHD group coaching experience for adults. A balance of education, coaching, and activities designed to help you move from struggle to strength in a compassionate peer-supported environment.

For you...

...if you are a professional who has been recently  diagnosed with ADHD and want to manage your ADHD in a way that allows you to live more at ease, feel better about yourself and reach your full potential.    You are ready to make real lasting change!

Because... will develop essential executive function skills (e.g., planning, time management, emotional regulation), leverage your innate strengths and access optimum structure and support to create personalized  ADHD solutions, strategies and systems that work for you!  You will feel validated and empowered.

We also offer Individual ADHD Coaching for Adults

Meet Vidya

Vidya Guhan, M.S., CCC-SLP, ACCG, PCC, MCAC

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"I find deep joy and meaning in witnessing the human spirit up close - seeing my clients overcome obstacles, shift perspectives, make positive changes, come into their own and express themselves authentically."

Vidya is a Master Certified ADHD coach based in Seattle, WA, with over 16 years of experience developing executive functioning skills in children and adults. She focuses on adults who have been recently diagnosed with ADHD, and finds joy in helping her clients discover how they are most naturally wired for success, how their ADHD challenges show up for them, and how to work successfully with their unique brain wiring. In the last 5 years, she has worked with over 250 people with ADHD from all walks of life, including engineers, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, writers and educators to help them transform their lives by understanding, owning and thriving with their ADHD.

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adhd and communication difficulties in adults
Vidya has been amazing to work with. Earlier this year I was really struggling with my ADHD and it was affecting my work. Going to coaching with Vidya has helped me so much to create strategies and tools to get around obstacles and use my ADHD to my advantage!

Grace Taylor, Client

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Vidya provided such a safe and supportive learning environment that I was able to try new approaches, throw away many of my beliefs about how I "should" be doing things and adopted a new more nurturing and accepting attitude to doing things the way that works for me...
I feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life.

Sean Rosewood, Client

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Vidya helped me see my strengths and helped me use them to develop structures, focus of mind, in order to reach my goals and meet my personal needs. In 3 months, I woke up to experience joy again.

Cyndee Wiese, Client

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Schedule a complimentary consultation to meet Vidya and explore what adhd coaching can do for you.

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You are  just one piece of the puzzle

that makes up our universe -

just a small, almost insignificant piece.

On the surface, 

you look like a million other pieces.  

And yet,

you are the only piece

of your particular shape, size and  pattern.  

You are the only piece

that will fill that empty spot.

And without you,

the picture would never ever be complete.  

Yes, you are that important,

and your life matters!

Live it to the fullest!


--Vidya Guhan

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