The Parental Pause 

Possible topics include:


  • Discovering my Buried Treasures

  • My Character Strengths

  • My Values & Passions

  • Meeting My Needs

  • Power of the Pause

  • Self Compassion

  • Giving Myself Permission

  • Finding Balance

Meetings may consist of exercises for self exploration, along with coaching around specific goals you want to work on, or what is showing up for you that day. 

This self care/ support group is for you, the parent, to create space for yourself to feel, think, explore, vent, breathe and just be.   The focus of the group is on meeting your personal well being and goals.



If I am distractible, I am also...
  • Interested in many things

  • Imaginative and creative - lots of ideas

  • Associative thinkers - can see many possibilities

  • Intuitive - free flowing thoughts

  • Can focus well on their areas of passion and interest



New Group Members welcome

Contact us to enroll now!

  • Ongoing monthly enrollment

  • $60/ month

  •  Groups meet for 1.5 hours, 2 Saturdays a month.

  • Exact topics covered and amount of information covered vary based on group needs and group dynamics.