Success with ADHD

Possible topics include:  


Understanding ADHD and ADHD Coaching

Review the key concepts relating to underlying biology, how this affects you, the coaching approach and strategies that can help.

Promote the positives

Learn about your own Strengths, Successes, Values and  Processing styles

Manage your brain activation

Become aware of your natural patterns and learn to engage your interest and switch on your brain for tasks that need your attention.

Identify and replace limiting beliefs

What are the stories you are telling yourself now and how is that serving you?  What is the new story you want to create?

Engage supports and structure

Learn to engage Routines, Rewards, Positive Prompts and Support to your benefit

Learn to Pause

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence for improved self awareness and self regulation

This group is for adults with ADD/ADHD who are looking for ways  to leverage their strengths, manage their challenges and create an environment for success.  Each session will consist of ADHD education and coaching to empower you to explore the best strategies for your particular situation.



Morning or Evening Groups

Bellevue and Kirkland Locations

  • 6 x 1.5 hour weekly sessions.

  • Groups limited to 4-8 participants for personalized attention. 

  • Group Coaching is an interactive process for exploration and self discovery.

  • Exact topics covered and amount of information covered vary based on group needs and group dynamics.

  • Clients may choose to enroll for multiple 6 week sessions.

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