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Success with ADHD

Topics include:

Boost Brain Activation

Understand the relationship between interest, importance and attention, how it differs in the ADHD and non-ADHD brain, and how to leverage it.

Tackle Time Sensitivity

Learn about Time blindness, temporal discounting, mind-miming and other time related issues and how to handle it

Manage your Working Memory

Working memory is a key executive function skill that affects us in so many ways.  

Create Clarity 

Planning, prioritizing, decision making, organizing - they all play a role in how clear and specific we are about the things we want to get done.  This is one of the keys to getting started on any task.

Improve Inhibition

Creating a pause, being mindful and putting the brakes on when we need to so we can be more in choice with our actions.

Empower Emotional Regulation

Boredom, motivation, interest, overwhelm, frustration,  excitement, - we need to regulate a variety of emotions as we move through our day.

This group is for adults with ADD/ADHD.  Learn 6 Executive Function skills that frequently show up in ADHD and are essential to starting, doing and finishing any task.  Explore how your brain is specifically wired for these skills and  the best strategies for your particular situation.  Each session will consist of ADHD education, Q and A, and discussion with a Master Certified ADHD Coach.  



  • 6 x 1.5 hour sessions on Zoom

  • Meetings are every other Thursday to allow time for field work between sessions.

  • Group Coaching is an interactive process for exploration and self discovery.

  • Exact topics covered and amount of information covered vary based on group needs and group dynamics.

  • Clients may choose to enroll for multiple 6 week sessions.