From our Participants

This course was an amazing wealth of information about which helped me identify why I have struggled with productivity and procrastination for my entire life. The educational information and tools presented in this webinar series were extremely well presented and easily immediately applied. I am so grateful that I am now able to identify what is really stopping me from being productive, and I am now building up the skills to be productive when I want to, and not just when the stars magically align! I would recommend this course to anyone with ADHD, especially those who struggle to set and follow-through on goals. Rating: 5 stars!

-Emily B., May 2021

Vidya's Procrastination to Productivity webinar was divided into weekly topics that together lead me to majorly change how I understand the process of accomplishing action oriented goals. The resources that were created for the course and provided to all will be an ongoing resource of practical advice rooted in deep understanding as opposed to idealism. Rating 5 stars!

-Alexander Mouton, May 2021