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Parenting... the art of loving with your heart and soul without losing your mind.

"I loved my daughter so much.   It hurt so much when she struggled.  It broke my heart when she said "kiss it and make it better mommy,"  at age 4.  It hurt just as much when she said "I wish I had a normal brain like everyone else" at age 16.    I remember the feeling of helplessness. 

I would have done anything to make life easier for her. "

  • Increase confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence in yourself and your child.

  • Connect to the inner greatness in yourself and nurture your child’s inner greatness.

  • Take positive and directed action to help your child, your family and yourself.

  • Increase your understanding of your child’s ADHD and executive function deficits.

  • Reduce stress, struggle and burnout in yourself and your family.

  • Improve communication with your child and in your family.

"And it drove me crazy sometimes.  The mood swings, the unpredictability.  Anything I said could trigger the next big meltdown.   It would sometimes take hours to even figure out what it was.  And then, it would be the littlest of things.  I was so confused. I didn't get it. " 

  • Release guilt, shame and blame.

  • Learn to love and embrace yourself again.

  • Practice self compassion and forgiveness with your parenting “mistakes”.

  • Face parenting fears and helplessness in a healthy way.

  • Nurture your hope, faith and optimism.

  • Maintain balance in your life.

  • Re-establish  your identity outside of being mom or dad.

  • Laugh and enjoy yourself more.

  • Find your spark again.

"I reconnected to who I really was with coaching.  I stopped parenting from a place of fear and judgement.  I started parenting from a place of strength and passion.  I am someone who loves deeply and perseveres to the end.  I am someone who loves to learn and has to dance.  Life didn't stop me from being me anymore.  I was able to embrace it again!"